Drivers, start your Volvo Polestar engines…

Developed from 17 years of motorsport experience, the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar return to Don Beyer Volvo of Falls Church, your only exclusive Volvo Polestar dealer in Virginia. These cars feature a 345hp T6 engine, making the 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.7 seconds (4.8 seconds for the V60). In addition, there is an extensively re-tuned chassis providing all the right ingredients for a true driver’s car for all roads, all conditions and all year around.

This is a car that has been engineered to be equally at home in the arctic tundra of Sweden or the raceway in Richmond. It is a car that is undeniably a Volvo, though a Volvo that is faster than any ever built as a production car. It is also a car that you can feel safe driving with your family buckled into, even while taking that turn a little faster than normal. Below are some of the features that make this car a unique addition to any fine car collection or a great daily driver to make the commute go more smoothly…and quicker.


Upgrades include modifications made to increase rigidity of the chassis to cater for the 80 percent stiffer springs relative to the standard S60 R-Design. These changes combined with the tailored high-performance Öhlins shock absorbers and 20-inch Polestar wheels results in a precise yet comfortable driving experience.


The braking system has undergone substantial modifications. Most visible are the 371mm ventilated front discs and six-piston Brembo calipers, guaranteeing the highest level of braking performance for any Volvo and most any performance car.


To reflect the increased performance of the S/V60 Polestar, positive aerodynamic effects have been achieved through subtle yet efficient modifications based on data from tests in the Volvo Cars wind tunnel. These changes are visible with the front splitters, optimizing the airflow underneath the car, as well as a new rear spoiler and diffuser, increasing downward force on the rear wheels.


The six-cylinder turbo-charged T6 engine has undergone extensive tuning with a new twin-scroll turbo and intercooler to produce 345 HP at 5250 rpm and 369 lbs.-ft. of torque at 3000 rpm. The engine breathes and growls through an active 2.5” stainless steel exhaust system, making for a throaty engine note.


The six-speed automatic gearbox features a new paddle shift system that together with the Polestar developed Haldex four-wheel drive system takes the car from 0-60 mph only 4.7 seconds and to a governed top speed of 155mph. The gearbox as well as the all-wheel drive system and traction control system have been recalibrated in order to provide an active driving experience and maximum grip in all situations.

There are only two more S60 Polestars and V60 Polestars for model year 2016 that haven’t yet been purchased on their way to our Falls Church showroom. This is a very limited production car and most have been presold before they even arrive. Are you ready to live life at full speed…safely?

Drivers, start your Volvo Polestar engines…

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