It’s Electric! The First Volvo Hybrid is Coming Soon!

The XC90 T6 has yet to arrive in our showroom and Volvo is already announcing the debut of what will be the most exciting hybrid vehicle offered, the all-new Volvo XC90 T8.  This will be the only seven passenger plug-in vehicle on the market when it is released later this year.  It has all of the ground breaking standard technology on the T6 model plus the ability to run the vehicle in three distinct modes of operation.

It is a default “hybrid” alternating between the gas driven Drive-E engine and the new electric motor on the rear axle.  It is also able to be driven as a “pure electric” car without engaging the gas engine at all.  With the high-voltage battery fully charged, it will have an estimated range of 17 miles using just electricity with zero emissions.

If you thought that was exciting, wait until you drive the T8 in the “power mode.”  What has made our humble all-electric competition become the aspiration vehicles they are today from the enviro-boxes of the past is the realization that electric motors are more about performance than economy.  Off the line, you have instant torque curve and superior response from the rear-wheel driven electric power plant while the combustion engine gets up to speed.   This combination of two power plants gives you the benefits of large displacement engine performance without the inefficiency.

Now that you understand more about the plug-in hybrid, let me plug the plug!  This is another world’s first in automotive technology: a dual voltage (110v/220v) charging cable!  You can plug in anywhere, not just at a special charging station.  Edison and Tesla would approve.

You get all the benefits of electrification without any of the negatives, those being loss of cabin space, loss of versatility, and the need to be tethered within range of a charging station as in our competition.

If you are looking to experience what the all-new XC90 has to offer, you will be able to do so this Spring at Don Beyer Volvo.  Slide in today to learn more.

It’s Electric! The First Volvo Hybrid is Coming Soon!

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