Volvo A-Plan

You may have heard about the Volvo A-Plan program, but are not sure what it is. Essentially, you can receive a discount on your new vehicle purchase due to a partnership between Volvo and your company. Over 3000 partners are eligible for the company. Use the information below to see if you are eligible for Volvo A-Plan discounts. 

What is A-Plan?

The A-plan program is offered by Volvo USA to the individuals either currently working for Volvo, retired Volvo employees, or a part of the Volvo partner companies. This opportunity avails the offer to the individual to lease or purchase Volvo vehicles at special discount rates which are pre-negotiated. And for the cherry on the top, the rates are quite the same as the ones that Volvo employees pay. All the employees of Volvo dealership and corporate partners are eligible to participate in the A-plan.


You might be wondering how the plan benefits the employees when they already get a discount on the Volvo Lease Deals and purchases. But this plan adds discounts to the current incentives and discounts on the leasing and purchasing options. But remember that the plan is only reserved for new vehicles. 

What do I need to recieve A-Plan Discounts?

There are lots of employees who can take advantage of this plan. For this plan, the eligible people have to generate two personal Identification number or PINs per year. The numbers will be used to lease or purchase new Volvo vehicles. The Volvo Purchase Deals can be acquired by using a unique PIN for every purchase.  

When an individual generates the PIN, he/she will be able to download a certificate which will be presented to the participating Volvo dealer. With this certificate, you will be able to secure the A-Plan pricing. When you are about to make a purchase, the A-Plan will give you a bonus on selected models in addition to the other offers. You can visit the official website for Volvo USA to learn more about the program.


You will need to contact your Human Resources or Employee Benefits department to acquire the partner code within your organization. As there are thousands of companies who are working with Volvo, you only need to provide proof of employment and you will be able to obtain the Company’s partner code. Keep in mind that without the partner’s code, you won’t be able to register or get access to the exclusive plan. 

Who is eligible for the A-Plan Program?

As the plan was started by Volvo-USA, the people that are eligible for the offer should be involved with US and Canadian business partners, special organizations, and fleet partners. The members of the immediate household to the employees are also entitled to this program. To ensure that you qualify for the program, you can contact a local dealer near you.

What Vehicles qualify for the Volvo A-Plan Program?

The majority of the new models of Volvo lie in the program. Still, there are some models which are limited in quality thus; they are excluded from the offer. You can also check the inventory online or get to the nearest dealer as soon as possible.  You can look for exact model eligibility, pricing, and offers related to the vehicle that you wish to buy. You can also buy a custom ordered vehicle or simply choose one from the big inventory. 

How to generate a PIN and make the purchase?

The Volvo A-Plan comprises of a unique PIN for every single purchase. The PIN will be generated as you qualify for the plan. And as the PIN is verified, the certificate is issued and sent to the purchaser. Then the PIN holder should take the certificate to an authorized dealer. It is vital that you keep this PIN and plan secure throughout the process. The PIN will be valid for 90-days only. Thus, you need to avail the offer before it expires.

To generate the PIN, the eligible members have to go through a simple registration process using their company’s partner code. You will need the following information during the PIN generation:

  • Buyer’s name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Identify a Vehicle of Interest
  • Identify the expected time frame for the purchase

As you go through the Volvo Purchase Deals, you need to create a username and password to generate the PIN. The entire process can be carried out within the web portal. And the PIN must be generated before the date of sale to make sure that you qualify. If the PIN generation is having issues, you can contact the customer support service and provide the information to them and the PIN will be generated securely.

What are the requirements while purchasing the vehicle?

This is not like a test but a verification process to ensure that you are a legitimate employee to avail the offer. The Volvo lease deals and purchase deals need to cross-check the document and their credibility. So, you should keep the following documents ready:

  • Copy of PIN certificate
  • Carry at least Sponsor’s ID Badge/Business Card/Prior Years W2/ Pay Stub
  • If you are a family member, then you will need to bring your certificate with proof of your spouse or family member’s employment with Volvo.

The main reason for coming up with this new offer is to provide the employees with a new Volvo for their personal use. The program is solely intended for the employees. With the Volvo A-Plan program, you get additional offers too. The employees can also avail the overseas delivery and certified pre-owned vehicles offer.

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