Volvo XC90, #1 Winter Warrior, Volvo XC60 #2

Brace yourself– this week’s temperature drop was just a snippet of what this winter has got in store for us. With temperatures that low, snow blanketed streets are inevitable, so if there’s anything that belongs under the tree next week, it’s the keys to Forbes #1 winter warrior- the Volvo XC90.

While opting for the comfort of blanket forts and hot cocoa is the safest bet, if you have to maneuver the snow covered streets of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC you’ll feel more secure behind the wheel of the XC90.

With all-wheel-drive options, and a 9.4 inch ground clearance, getting stuck in the snow will only be an excuse to make up for that last minute breakfast run before work. Created with boron steel, run off road mitigation, and the look and feel of sophisticated luxury, the XC90 is the finest and safest way to travel this winter.

Following suit, Volvo’s XC60 is #2 on Forbes Winter Warriors– it’s clear that if you want to tread safely this winter, you can’t go wrong in a Volvo.

Check out our inventory of XC90’s below.



Volvo XC90, #1 Winter Warrior, Volvo XC60 #2
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